Terms & Conditions

Binding Contract

These Terms & Conditions are a contract between you and us and govern your Irvine Art & Music Center service use, purchases, and rental agreements. Agreeing to these Terms & conditions is a condition of any Irvine Art & Music Center service use, purchase, or rental. You signify your agreement to these Terms & Conditions and will be legally bound by them from the date on which you click to accept or agree to these Terms & Conditions where Irvine Art & Music Center presents an option to do so, either on the Website or otherwise; or use our services, purchase products, or participate in a rental in any way.

Terms of Rental

  • The Customer is required to pay the first three months of rent in advance and is non-refundable.
  • Based upon renters compliance of conditions outlined in this agreement, renter may use the instrument for successive one moth terms automatically renewed each moth, Instruments returned after the tenth day of the month will subject to one full months rent.
  • A late fee of $10.00 will be applied to all payments received after one week of the due date.
  • All bounced checks are subject to a $15.00 fee.
  • Renter must pay all accrued rental fees in full at the time of the instruments return.
  • Renter gives Irvine Art & Music the authority to charge to my credit card (Mastercard or VISA) account any rental payments that are seven days or more past due.
  • There are no refunds for early returns or partial months will be issued. Rental fees are not pro-rated.

Damage Waiver Terms & Conditions

  • In consideration for the load of the instrument, the Renter agrees to assume total financial responsibly for the loss or damage(s) of the instrument while the instrument is in the possession of the Renter. The Renter understands that if the instrument is not returned on the designated day late fees may be assessed.
  • If the Renter OPTS OUT of the Damage Waiver, the Renter PERMITS Irvine Art & Music Center the right to charge their card for any damages on the instrument.
  • Damage Waiver does not cover lost or stolen instrument. In the case that an instrument is lost or stolen, the person on the rental contract will be responsible to pay for the cost (full assessed value) of the instrument.
  • If the instrument is returned with a different brand of accessory (e.g. strings), the renter agrees to pay for the cost of replacing the correct accessory.
  • Any damage that occurs during the rental period will be repaired by Irvine Art & Music ONLY, free of charge
  • Damage Waiver will cover cost of parts and labor fees. Damage Waiver does not cover an accessories (e.g. strings, reeds, and mouthpieces).
  • If any repair is needed, the customer is required to leave the instrument at Irvine Arts & Music for the amount of time needed to repair it. Loaner instruments will be provided based on availability.
  • Instruments and/or parts damaged or broken beyond repair are required to be returned to Irvine Art & Music. If any parts are returned, the customer will be charged fro the amount of the cost of those parts.

Option To Purchase

The first six months of rental payments can be applied towards the purchase of the rented instrument or any other instrument.

Payment Delinquency

In case any payments are overdue more than 30 days, this agreement may be turned over to an outside collection agency and the renter will be liable for all associated costs associated with such collection efforts.

Notice of Agreement

By clicking to accept or agree to these Terms & Conditions, I AGREE TO ALL STATED TERMS AND CONDITIONS.